Project H2O

Project H2O is a non-profit project advocating for better water quality and conservation of water in San Diego. Its goal is to publicize facts and statistics to create awareness about water consumption and the importance of water preservation. To help meet this goal, a beach clean-up was organized and was open to anyone interested in participating. Swag bags were passed out to participants, as well as available for purchase for non-participants.

The campaign focused on a drawstring athletic bag, to allow recipients the ability to reuse as beach bag, gym bag or personal bag. Items included inside the bag were a towel, a water bottle and sunglass. The bag’s items were chosen based on their reusable functionally or went with the beach theme. To develop brand recognition and keep cohesion throughout the campaign, the logo remained the same for all pieces, but was designed in a way so each individual piece could also be presented as a standalone item.

To help foster additional action in the community, each conservationist received a t-shirt and informational booklet. Inside each booklet are facts about our city’s current water consumption, highlighting usage trends and steps we can begin taking to not only save water, but to also help residents save money.