2100: Our Place in the New Millennium

The Museum of Man, located in San Diego, is showcasing a display that portrays our future, 50 to 100 years from now. This new exhibit was designed to display a time where we have said Goodbye to fossil fuels and warfare; a time where homelessness and starvation are a thing of the past and our efforts are focused on our future and the future of the generations to come.

I used Outer Space as the theme of the display, as it is referred to as “the last frontier”.  To reflect the ideals of this future, I used the basic elements of sacred geometry, the circle, the square and, the triangle as they are considered to be the building blocks of life. These shapes also worked well in harmonizing the bold typeface of Century Gothic and Futura.

To promote the exhibit and create awareness of display, I created a campaign, including posters, to be hung up around the San Diego area. Also available for purchase are tickets, t-shirts and DVDs. Tickets will be mailed (if purchased in advance) or available at the door and provide entry into the exhibit. After your visit, t-shirts and DVDs are available for purchase. The t-shirts help to further advertise the exhibit to the community, and double as good conversation starters when making new friends. The DVDs, also available online, showcase each piece of the exhibit, along with hundreds of pictures and commentary from experts in each of the exhibit’s displays. The items in this campaign work as a strong reminder of what you saw while you were at the museum or as a perfect gift for those who were not able to attend.